Question : Document Review


I’m looking to setup a document review approval process. I have Acrobat 9 Professional which seems to have good inbuilt commenting / review functionality.

The problem I have is this.  I have the ability to set up the reviews however I won’t always be the document author.

I need this kind of document flow.

1.Document is created
2.Document is placed on a share for review
3.Reviews take place
4.Comment gathered and passed back to author
5.Author adds final comments as to whether they are going to implement the changes
6.Changes made
7.Changed document re-reviewed to ensure changes have been made.

Any suggestions as to the best way I can accomplish this. Only I have Acrobat Pro everyone else (including the authors) just have the Reader.

Many Thanks.

Answer : Document Review

Are you creating the PDF files for the authors?

In general, the author needs access to the full version of Acrobat, otherwise you cannot collect all the comments from the reviewers and consolidate them.

When you start a shared review with one of the server options (Sharepoint, WebDAV), your reviewers can see each other's comments, which means that if the author is also one of the reviewers, the author can also see all comments in just Reader.

However, it's much more complicated to do a review this way because you always need to be involved in getting files ready and inviting reviewers for the author.

If you don't wan to do that, you also need to consolidate the comments for the author with your copy of Acrobat, which means even more involvement for you.
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