Question : Moving Domino 8 server

I would like to move my Domino 8 server to a new machine (having space issues on the old one). I was thinking it would be a good time to upgrade to 8.5 as well.  Could someone give the procedure?
I would be using the same IP, basically setting up the same type machine.  I read in an earlier question that I would need to move the data files and then install the new version, but not sure if this it correct procedure, issue then was slightly different.  One other issue, I use to have Symantec for a anti-virus software on the server.  I no longer have a current subscription, so am getting messages that my definitions are 1000+ days out of date.  The last time I tried to remove Symantec, the system would not work.  Will a new install and an ini tweak fix this now?  Last the email server is current running on 2003 Server, is there an added issue if I put 2008 on the new box?

Answer : Moving Domino 8 server

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