Question : Remote Web Workplace in Server 2008?


We are about to purchase a new server to replace our two 6-year-old models.  We have one running Small Business Server 2003 (acts as a domain controller, file server, and everything else), and one running Server 2003 (which primarily just handles running SQL2K5).

Plan is to purchase one large unit with 12-16 cores, 12-24 GB RAM, etc., to perform all the functions of both these systems, through two virtualized systems (again, this new machine would use Hyper-V to set up two virtual machines, one acting in each role as the above listed).

Problem is, we rely heavily on the Remote Web Workplace function of the SBS 2003 machine, for our remote users.  I understand that Server 2008 does not include RWW.  Unfortunately, from my research, it sounds like I'll need Server 2008 on both these Hyper-V'd virtual machines, since SBS 2008 does not support Hyper-V.

So, stop me now if this sounds like a horrible idea?

If it's not a bad idea, which I'm hoping it's not, how do I set up some kind of Remote Web Workplace-like thing on Server 2008?  Google searching for things like "remote web workplace on Server 2008" is not finding me anything useful.

How do you Remote Web Workplace on Server 2008?

Answer : Remote Web Workplace in Server 2008?

If all you want is for your users to get connected to their internal workstations then you can enable the TS gateway feature, that works great and I have setup and configured a few but you wont get the same nice web portal you get with RWW and SBS2008.  SBS2008 uses this very same feature to get the users connected via the RWW portal.

Here is a step by step guide for configuring TS Gateway on Windows Server 2008:

Finally, I hate to beat on a dead horse but I really think you should reconsider using SBS2008.  If the only reason why you are not going down this path is because of your objections for using Hyper-V on the box then IMO you need to rethink that reasoning.  
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