Question : How to edit pdf in Adobe Pro 9

I have one use who has a copy of Adobe Pro 9 for Mac.  He is wanting to edit existing pdf files not created by him.  He can open them up and view but not make any changes.  Is there some setting in the software that would let you edit these?  I played around with it for a few minutes, but did not see anything obvious.  Thanks.

Answer : How to edit pdf in Adobe Pro 9


There are some good suggestions up there.

First although I think it may be less likely, check the File> Document Properties> Security tab, whether changes are allowed. You see this as a list item in the dialog box. If it says not allowed you are out of luck.

Then go to Tools> Advanced Editing and select TouchUp Text tool. Click any part of the text. If the cursor goes into edit mode, the file is editable. If not it is likely a scanned image that maximus suggests.

If it is the case, you can use the OCR function under the document menu and convert the document to editable text.

If it is not an image, you can use the said TouchUp text tool for text edits, and use the TouchUp Object tool for moving or deleting image objects.

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