Question : SATA hot swap in windows server 2008  (URGENT)

I'm having problems hot swapping removable hard drives in Windows server 2008 (SBS in this case)

We do this all the time in 2003 but not I've hit a wall in 2008. We use HotSwap!.exe to eject the drive and that works fine in 2003, however in 2008 I'm getting an error that a process is till accessing the drive. When I use process explorer to search for handles on the drive in question I get several entries along the lines of:


I'm guessing this is some form of indexing or transaction log on the file system of my removable drive?

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this?

I'm a bit desperate as the client currently has no backups. Thanks!

Answer : SATA hot swap in windows server 2008  (URGENT)

You need to have the drivers installed for your sata controller. The stock windows drivers won't work. If you have a ICH8/9/10 southbridge, you'll need the Intel Storage Matrix driver and software to allow you to hotswap sata. If you have an nvidia chipset mainboard, you'll need the Nvidia chipset drivers. Either way you need to make sure you have the latest storage drivers for your system's motherboard to support hot swapping.
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