Question : Alignment on Datagrid not proper

Please see attachment. Currently we are migrating our application of VB on Windows 7. If you compare attachment you can see that box which i have marked in attachment has different sizes. Due to this there is misalignment of columns as you can see in attachment. Why does it behave differently on windows xp and windows 7 machine. I am testing application on virtual machine which has windows 7 installed.  Morever if i change theme to Classic on Windows 7 the grid is aligned nicely. Any reason why is it so. Please can somebody answer. I am testing this on Virtual machine. I know graphic card on virtual machine is different from physical machine but then why when i change theme to Classic on Virtual machine displays datagrid properly
Windows 7
windows xp

Answer : Alignment on Datagrid not proper

i have managed to solve my issue by moving few labels which are now alligned with datagrid.
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