Question : Muliti Site Network Help

I need to implement a networking solution for the following case.
A company currently has a main office (Site A) with 10 computers setup in a workgroup environment without a server.  They predominantly are using a MS Access database to handle their day to day orders/sales etc.  This company is expanding and has purchased two other location (Site B, Site C).  Sites B & C will only have one to three users in each, and will need access to the same database from Site A.  Sites B & C will need to print labels from the MS database to their local printers.  
The company does not wish to implete an SQL database solution, and would like to stay with MS Access.  
What is the best solution using a server at Site A running Windows Server Standard R2, that would allow the other sites to connect to the MS Access database and print to their local printers at their sites?

Answer : Muliti Site Network Help

Printing over a PPTP connection works fine.  I have it set up that way at my company, as well as more than a few of my client sites.  I would suggest you use a hypervisor such as MS Hyper-V($$) (2008 R2 core install) or vmware ESXi/vsphere (free).  This gives you a bare metal virtualization platform.  Then, virtualize 2 servers; 1 for AD and file sharing, and 1 for RDS. I would suggest at least 1 quad-core xeon CPU and at least 8GB of RAM.  An HP Proliant ML350(tower) G6 for DL360(2U Rackmount) would suit your needs perfectly.
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