Question : SBS 2003 Backup Solution

I have been doing a lot of research into SBS 2003 R2 Backup and wanted to scan EE on people's advice. I look after a number of clients who mainly have SBS 2003, and looking for the best solution as far as software and media. Most I have running with the backup included and using the wizards available, but would like to ensure that System State and Exchange is in fact being backed up.
I have had some suggestions to simply use NTBackup and complete three separate backups - System State, Exchange and Data.

Is there a consensus?

Answer : SBS 2003 Backup Solution

Here's a possible workaround:

It's a lot of steps to paste here, but essentially it's about creating a custom error page for 403.4 errors and have that do a javascript redirect to https. It's described well there if you can stomach going away from this page ;)

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