Question : Is this BIOS-setting correct?


In a previous post I had problems with a prior BIOS-setting and was helped out to reset the BIOS-settings to factory default. I then decided to re-install Windows 7 afresh to be be on the safe side. The computer now boots up fine, but when it tries to install the OS from a bootable USB-stick it ONLY finds two of the three harddrives!!! (Seagate Baracuda ES2.0-drives, all three equal in size). When I then rebooted and look under Standard CMOS features I see that the first hard drive is listed after IDE Channel 0 Master, the second drive is listed as "IDE Channel 0 slave" and the third as "IDE Channel 1 Master". Is this really correct?

Answer : Is this BIOS-setting correct?

Try the Load Optimized Defaults first., If that doesn't work try the other one. Good luck.
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