Question : Thunderbird slow to download

When I initially open Thunderbird it takes a long time (and sometimes times out) to begin downloading new email. Makes no difference how few emails are on server, how large they are or whether they have attachments. Once the first one comes down the rest come rapidly. If it times out and I hit the "get mail" icon, they come down fast as expected. This started about a month ago. I experience the same problem on my Vista laptop as I do on my XP desktop. Both use Norton internet security. I have used these PCs with Thunderbird and Norton for a long time before the problem appeared.


Answer : Thunderbird slow to download

Jim, do you have any extensions in TB?  Have you tried running TB in it's Safe  mode to see if that helps?

9 times out of 10, a new Profile will help, but if you can't answer some basic questions, you probably won't get help anywhere.  
We don't have access to your machine so we have to take time to ask you questions because not all machines are set up the same way.

Have you tried disabling NIS before downloading emails?
I'm not going to object to you wanting to close. Just trying to help.
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