Question : Get path of cfc file

Say I have a folder structure like below:

How do I specify the path of component.cfc in <cfobject component => in abc.cfm. In other words how do I call the component.cfc file from ABC.cfm file?

Answer : Get path of cfc file

Hi learningunix,

the line checks if the left-most byte of 'num' is '1'.

'&num' is a pointer to the memory address where the first byte of 'num' resides. The '(char*)' casts this pointer '&num' (which is a pointer to int) to a pointer to char. Since char is a one byte data type accessing that 'pointer to char' with '*' accesses the first byte of the int. In little endian this byte has to be '1' for and 'int' which is '1' - in big endian the first byte would be '0' since the least significant byte is the most right one ...

Hope that helps,


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