Question : Printing the details section in group footer

I have report where there is feilds patient and drug name. So each patient has one or more drug names.I am grouping on patient and printing the drug names in detail section.This is fine .
But my question is instead of printing the drug name in details section is there any work around so that i can print them in group footer, I can do this using the Arrays or shared variables?
Can you please help me with this..


Answer : Printing the details section in group footer

Where I am, there are only two kinds: RG-59U and RG-6U. RG-59 is the older and thinner of the two (very roughly a quarter of an inch in diameter). RG-6 is newer and fatter.

RG-59U uses a old style F connector that slides on and has a barrel that is crimped to connect the shield of the cable to the metal F connecter. The coax center conductor is the plug.

I have only ever seen RG-6U put on by cable technicians (it is their cable). They use a more professional connector that has its own plug. The cable is prepared, inserted and crimped with a heavier duty crimper.

First figure out what you have: thin = RG-59U, fat = RG-6U

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