Question : How to open old tethereal pcap files?

Urgent help needed:

We're working on an extremely odd networking problem related to our move from Dell 2950 to Dell R710.  I've run tethereal on the 2950 (SuSE 9.4) and wireshark on the R710 (SuSE 11) to capture the packet flow I need.  However, when I attempt to load the pcaps into Wireshark on SuSE 11 it says it doesn't recognize the files.  I'm currently working on building a 2950 with SuSE 11 but I'd like to open the ones from 9.4 as that's our baseline control system for this testing.

FYI we have eliminated the OS version as the problem already, it's specifically something with the R710 and/or specific network cards.

Answer : How to open old tethereal pcap files?

Nevermind, got them to open on Wireshark version 1.2.7 on Windows.  Strange that it wouldn't open on the same OS they were made...
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