Question : Problem with Delphi DataModule and ADO using 2010


My For some un-known reason, my program now reports that tables within the datamodule are not in edit or insert mode.  All tables are connected using a TADOconnection which is connected to a .UDL file using SQLEXPRESS

Some Tables work and give correct information, some report the above error,  but all queries don't work

I have reastablished all connections.

I set up a test connected to the UDL file in another program and this works.
the problem must be datamodule or program related.

Can I backtrack in delphi to a previous build  

Answer : Problem with Delphi DataModule and ADO using 2010

or you can use

if AdoQuery1.State in [dsEdit, dsInsert] then
also if you are iterating with 'next'
'Next' provides an automatic Post, so after Next your DataSet is not in an Edit mode. To make it work just switch Next and Post lines.
Also you need to refresh data (Adoquery.requery or refresh)
but like I said we must see the code....
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