Question : linux mail replay and processor


I have a web site (WWW) and a separate mail server (MAIL). Right now I am using postfix on WWW and it replays mail to MAIL. I want to set up a system where mail form WWW replays through WWW so it can be logged to message history. This is like Guru and some other sites work. Basically, I want the mail to be sent to a user. When that user replies, I want the mail to come back to WWW, have the reply logged to the thread history, then forward the message on to the recipient. To the two people emailing, this will appear as they are emailing each other, but the thread will also be in their message history on WWW.

I know I need to send to set up a sub-domain for this (like (INFO) and have all mail that I want tracked sent from INFO domain. Then when replied to it will come back to INFO. How do I config postfix to accept INFO mail and not MAIL mail?

Lastly, I guess I need to have something to process the mail and then forward it on to the recipient. How do I do this? How is the best way to do this? Do I use an email address like [email protected] and have the processor pull the email out of the email?

A tutorial on this would be helpful if anyone knows where one is.


Answer : linux mail replay and processor

That's a good question since the actual documentation for the call-home function shows copying the running config to the startup config.
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