Question : User Drive in 2008 AD

We are seeing an unusual issue with the user drive, that we though was originally due to certain users and then to laptop users, but today we had a desktop do the same thing.

We have an F drive setup for users user drives through Active directory \\server\users\username

we have had this in place with 03 with no issues, but since the 08 AD migration people are randomly having issues with the f drive mapping.  

The PDC and all other domain controllers are 08 R2.

It will change from \\server\users\username to \\server\users which they do not have permissions to view.  Has anyone else seen this and know a resolution?

We do not use a wild card for the username we actually use the folder name.

Answer : User Drive in 2008 AD

Please check the following 2 group policy settings:
1. Make  sure you do not have the policy configured in User  Configuration ->  Administrative Templates -> System ->  User  Profiles ->  Connect home directory to root of the share.
2. Check that the  setting under Computer Configuration ->  Administrative Templates  -> System ->  Logon -> Always wait for  the network at computer  startup and logon is Enabled.

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