Question : Is it  worth making iPhone games?

I worked for XBOX
I spent my entire childhood making games. I can crank them out.

Is there any point in making games for iPhone?

I don't plan to pay my mortgage with this:)
But I am going to make games.
With titles like Harry Potter and AoE 3 on the marquee, is there any point in trying to make games as the little guy?
How can anyone find my games amidst the river of desirable titles?
How do unknowns break thru into iPhone app awareness. Examples? iPad?

Do I set my acceptable price of my game?
Will I only get friends getting my games out of pity ?
How did Sierra get going in the 80s ?

? thx

Answer : Is it  worth making iPhone games?

There are some points to keep in mind while invoking save method of FileReference:

1. save method require Flash Player 10, so make sure you have set compiler settings to 10. (In Flex Builder, under project properties you can set it).

2. method can only be invoked in response to user interacted event (for e.g. click, keydown events).
So this should only be called in such event handlers.

More details:
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