Question : How do I Configure QoS on Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch

I currently have a Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E running VoIP with QoS.  I am trunking a Catalyst 2960 with it and am now trying to set up QoS for VoIP on the 2960.  I've never set up QoS before and the 4507R-E was configured before I got here.  I am using the config of the 4507R-E as a reference in setting up the QoS on the 2960.  As shown in the attached 2960 config, I have created the Policy-Map resembling the 4507R-E.  I also enabled QoS (mls qos), but this adds an entry into the config that is not contained in the 4507R-E config.  Also, the 4507R-E contains 6 qos lines starting with dbl which I can't figure out how they were added.  I'm probably missing something fundamental with QoS since I am reading the doc and learning at the same time I'm configuring.  Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to proceed?  Let me know if I need to provide more info.

4507R-E Config
2960 Config

Answer : How do I Configure QoS on Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch

On the 2960 ports that have phones do the following command:
auto qos voip cisco-softphone

Where is the trunk port on the 4507 I only see access ports.  On the trunk between the two switches, use:
mls qos trust dscp

These commands will generate other configs as well.  I believe this is all you should need. I will paste a reference document below.  Just reference the Auto QoS section.

Hope this helps!
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