Question : Terminal Server / Remote Desktop - Multiple Users

Hi All

I am looking for a way to enable roaming consultants to access a file structure on a server whilst away from the office.  My original approach is described here... :

In a nutshell we were thinking that we could setup a fancy file structure using shortcuts and access files over ftp when roaming.... Problem when clicking on a shortcut during ftp session the short cut is downloaded, rather than redirecting to the target file!

Arnold kindly suggested using Terminal Services...  as far as I can tell this is the same as Remote Desktop with perhaps some subtle changes.

I managed to get some users configured on the work server (windows server 2003) and also eventually enabled the feature that allows users to copy files from desktop to desktop.  But (as you might already have guessed) I quickly max'ed out the number of concurrent connections during testing.

It looks like I need a CAL (license) but show many I should get or how to set this up escapes me.  Also, if I upgrade to server 2008 can I transfer the licenses?

In light of my objective to enable people to browse a file structure and download files, is this a good solution?

- how many users can log-on concurrently
- where can I find costing options for the licenses
- does each user need a license?
- how many licenses do I need (we have ~15 users, I don't ever expect all to be concurrent)
- can I use (do I need) license server on the same machine?
- the server hardware is old, I hope it will support multiple users, how can I tell?

In case you are thinking "hey this guy needs a DMS" yes you are right - please don't tell me again; I've requested it to the point of becoming a PITA and they won't give me one (and if I ask 1 more time I fear my employer will stop paying for my EE account!)


I'm lost, your help much appreciated! Thanks


Answer : Terminal Server / Remote Desktop - Multiple Users

To answer your questions of this post :
- by default (without additional licenses) only two remote sessions (terminal services/rdp) are allowed (for maintenancfe purpose of the server.
- you need to enable TS licensing on your server where you have two choices : license per device or license per user. So what you need to buy is TS CAL (Terminal Server Client Access License) for your operating system either by user, or by device. As I suppose each roaming user have their own device, I would suggest to buy a "by user" licenses. You can get a quote at any Microsoft reseller.
- yes each user needs a license. Those licenses are installed on the licensing server though. Nothing to install on each client !
- you need a license per every user (concurrent users has no meaning in Microsoft context)
- yes your license server can be on the same machine. Usually it's easier to install this feature on a domain controller as it will then be available to all TS servers without additional configurations.
- about hardware, performances will tell you (number of concurrent users). Key factor here is RAM and disk access.

About the originating question, here is a good reading :

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