Question : Java app logs cpu expensive


I have java application that have functionality to make log to file.
I notice in profiler that its most expensive part of program.
I found that java have some log api and question is. Is this java.util.logging is what i want
and if i use this my problems with performance gone?

Answer : Java app logs cpu expensive

>> The words that are in the page content are very important, cause google scan these words.
All the page, especialy the home page and first sentences.

>> Pages title, links several point need to be take in consideration.
I always give a significant title to all my page and when it is possible make better url like
Toshiba_laptop.php instead of id74555, some CMS generate very long url that not significant.

Some CMS have Url rewriting possibilities or you have to do it manualy or using Htacces file, there is several way to do it. Contact the Active3 for more information.

Also it is good to paid attention and give significant name to your product pictures.
toshiba_laptop.jpg is better than 1234.jpg

>> How can i see the meta tags with source code ; I use Internet Explorer 8.
IE8 top menu, Display / Source

look for META in the <head> top section, begining of the source code
<META name="description" content="Informationof the site">
<Meta name="keywords" content="computer parts,CPU,Hard drive,cables">

check here for more infos:

Here are some tools:

Well I'm not a pro but this is my tips :)
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