Question : properties and methods for object

I inserted a chart into a blank form using the chart wizard.  I've been able to set the data elements, title, etc by double clicking the object in the form design but i want to control the chart programmatically.  

Is there a dictionary or way to browse the various properties and methods for controlling the chart object?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dim objChart as Object
set objChart = Me!Chart

objChart.???  'Not sure what all of the options are here

Answer : properties and methods for object

First check:
On the server:
   1. Start Exchange System Manager.
   2. Double-click Global Settings, and then click Internet Message Formats.
   3. In the Details pane, right-click a domain name, and then click Properties. The default SMTP domain is "*".
   4. In the Properties box, click the Advanced tab, and then click to select the Out of office responses check box. This enables Out-of-Office responses to the Internet for the selected domain.

This affects forwarding rules as well

if that is already done, try creating a contact in active directory for the external email address. Then forward the email to the contact.
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