Question : Https SharePoint Mysite setup

Recently, I created a new Web Application and Site Collection for our "MySite", the site has the Mysite Host Template as well as SSL. I then definded the managed paths for "mysite" and "personal", also I used AAM for changing the site URL to get rid of the port so not the "mysite" link points to Then I changed the MySite settings to the site name above and location to personal.

I still can't get the site to work, it does point to but I get error, "server not found." I did use a trusted location, however, in the target audience, there are no members.

Answer : Https SharePoint Mysite setup

Yes you can mail enable the public folder you will be using. As after this the cliesnts having appropiate permission can derive the email from public folder and send too.

More on mail enabled public folder and commands related:

Managing permissions:

You can configure application running on fax server to forward email to mail enabled public folder and configure its identity as author and yup you should be good.
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