Question : Qos / Bandwidth Management over VPN

Our company is in the process of co-locating part of our infrastructure. We have a 2 x srxn3205's Netgear Prosafe routers providing an IPSEC VPN between the two sites.  The connection we have is a guaranteed 20Mb both ways provided by a WiFi ISP.

We have spent that much money on equipment recently that my boss refuses to spend any more for the next few months.  I am trying to find out a way that i can manage the bandwidth across the two sites eg. 5Mb for Voip, 10Mb for web browsing and 5Mb for file transfers etc.

Dispite the lack of budget i have lots of spare PCs/Nic's and am running vmware esx hosts (virtual PCs) at the second site so was wondering if anyone has any ideas. The netgear routers have qos but doesn't work over the vpn.  I have been experimenting with pfsense as an extra router behind the first router to throttle the bandwidth prior to the VPN, can anyone tell me if this is a feasable solution.  I am open to all ideas, if we need to spend a small amount on hardware this would be ok but I cannot replace the routers we have just purchased.

All suggested solutions welcome.

PS I like open source but i'm not a linux pro.

Many Thanks

Answer : Qos / Bandwidth Management over VPN

Try setting up a Linux box with Untangle with just the QoS module. That may work out best for you.
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