Question : Access Conferences

Since the Advisor company discontinued their organizing of their annual Access Advisor conferences, I have been unable to find any other Access user conferences.  

Does anyone know of any?

Answer : Access Conferences

>>  Guess if I got an iPad I could do that all again.
Ah, but while you were telling her that this latest dress looks lovely, nobody was going to be stealing your paper edition of Access Advisor. :-s

Access specific conferences you might struggle, it depends where you are.
For example I know that Graham Seach goes to great lengths each year making the Office DevCon in Syndney a big event.

It takes dedication by someone (or some people) like Graham to make such things happen though.
I believe Armen hangs around here (EE) a bit these days. If there are any Access oriented events with great speakers he'll know (because he'll be speaking there ;-).
(I'll pop him a message to see if he can suggest anything).

Of course, you could always look in your area, not only for existing AUGs but one you could start or an event you could instigate.
(I know, I know... time... It's the same for everyone.)


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