Question : Access to windows server remotely

Okay...this is a little out there I think...
I'm trying to connect to a server remotely, but it appears that whoever set this server up missed a few steps. I don't have physical access to anything on the network right now, and would prefer not to drive the 2 hours to the location. I can access one of the XP boxes on the local network remotely and from there I can view shares on the server, but I can't access any RDP connections or anything else for administrative purposes.
I'm not a network admin, I'm just trying to help this guy out who I do other work for.

I have the servers administrator user password, RDP fails to connect saying that RDP might not be enabled, server too busy, bla bla bla.
I've tried connecting to the registry to enable remote desktop that way, but get an error opening HKLM.
I can connect to the C$ and Admin$ resources, I can connect to the computer management console for the server (but without admin rights I assume).

I tried using DameWare to remote into the server, no luck there, authentication fails. I tried having the guy there install LogMeIn on the machine and it installs, but something is keeping the server from connecting to the services.

The guy there is not very good with computers at all, so walking him through the few things I did was a chore. I can walk the guy through turning on remote desktop I suppose, but he won't be back until tomorrow and I'd like to get everything done there a way to access this thing that I'm missing?

Answer : Access to windows server remotely

Are both sites able to access the Internet and do you have someone at the other end who you can trust to do simple installs?  If so install Teamviewer and sort your problem, get RDP working and then uninstall it.

Teamviewer is at

If you don't have anyone you can trust at the other end then use Dameware.  This can be push installed then again deleted when the problem is solved.

Dameware is at

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