Question : access 2000 export to excel from form

Does someone have the code to export form results to an Excel 2000? I have one form that filters on combo box seletions.. The form is set to continious and it filters based on my selection. I then want to add a command button that a user can press to export the filtered results to excel.. Thanks!

Answer : access 2000 export to excel from form

Let me try to rephrase your problem.
Your problem is email-blasts are chewing-up your bandwidth.

What you can do is - have a web-based email blast software and solve the whole bandwidth issue in 1-shot.

messing with Firewall / exchange / bandwidth throttling = there are too many things which can break and it will be difficult when you have a real issue, to troubleshoot where things are going wrong.

The easiest I think is Php List

You can download and set this up in about 2 hrs on your Apache/mysql

Or you can go for the hosted account.
Each sales guy will get their own login - and they can control email delivery much better with advanced reporting than they can with emails from outlook.
Other options are
Lyris - which can verify whether an email was delivered to inbox or junk mail folder

and EmailReach with Inbox monitor

hope this helps.
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