Question : ActiveX controls moving on a worksheet - Excel 2010

I have placed activex controls (spinners and command buttons) on worksheets since they were first made available in the Excel world.

Now, whenever I open a workbook containing these controls in Excel 2010, the controls (all of them) have moved slightly towards the left, probably less than 10 pixels though I have never measured. Eventually the controls stack up against the left margin of the worksheet and become almost too small to select.
This movement only occurs in the 2010 environment.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Are there any suggestions to a "fix"?

While I could add a start-up procedure to reposition the controls whenever the workbook is opened, that road opens a coding maintenance nightmare considering the number of workbooks/controls I have in place.


Answer : ActiveX controls moving on a worksheet - Excel 2010

It depends on the code and how you are using the controls. Rather than using events, you assign macros to the Forms versions (just right-click then choose 'Assign macro...') and you can change their properties via right-click, Format control. You can also assign the same macro to multiple controls and have it distinguish which control was clicked by referring to Activesheet.Shapes(Application.Caller)

The Forms versions are generally more stable as they have been part of Excel for longer.

As a matter of interest, is your worksheet zoomed to something other than 100%? That's a common cause of problems with ActiveX controls.

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