Question : MSCAL.ocx - Locked property no longer working.

I had both MS Access 2003 and MS Access 2007 installed on my laptop.  However, I have just uninstalled Access 2007 and am now getting a strange message with the MSCAL.ocx object:

When the form containing the Calendar loads, it runs the following line of code:
    Me.ctlCalendar.Locked = True

This now gives me the following error:
'2455 - You entered an expression that has an invalid reference to the property Locked. - Form_Activity - Form_Load()

It was working fine before and all of the other properties seem to work ok (Me.ctlCalendar.enabled = True etc).

Any ideas?

Answer : MSCAL.ocx - Locked property no longer working.

see this link to download virtual pC
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