Question : Migration from 2003 SBS to 2008 Foundation Server

I have a client with a 2003 SBS server that is only using standard file server functionality. They are replacing the server with a new HP that came with 2008 R2 Foundation Server and I was hoping there was a migration step by step that I could use. Can anyone point me to a proven method to swap these servers. There are only 5 users total and I would rather not recreate AD from scratch if I can avoid it.

Answer : Migration from 2003 SBS to 2008 Foundation Server

There is no migration path from SBS 2003 to Foundation Server, at least none that has been documented yet.

But even if this were SBS 2003 to SBS 2008, For 5 users I'd probably still tell you to recreate the domain.  The effort will be less than for migrating.

What's the customer going to do about Email, Webmail, and remote access?

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