Question : I've broken the certificates in SBS 2008


I've done something very silly and messed up the certificates in SBS 2008.

I had Autodiscover working perfectly with the self-signed certificates.......until I went and installed a trusted certificate from Go Daddy.

I purchased said certificate and received a .p7b file, which I installed via mmc in to "Intermediate Certification Authorities", it appeared in the list and all seemed well, or so I thought.

When I realised that I hadn't installed or configured the certificates correctly, I went back in to mmc and deleted the certificate from the "Intermediate Certification Authorities" with the aim of following a detailed blog post on how to perform the installation correctly. I used the SBS Console to re-add the self-signed certificate. I didn't remove any other certificates.

Now I have two problems (maybe one causes the other):

1. If I try and re-import the Go Daddy certificate (.p7b file) in to "Intermediate Certification Authorities" I get a message saying that the import was successful and yet the certificate does not appear in the list. I tried this numerous times with the same result. I can't understand why I'm told the import is successful and yet the certificate is not listed? Using the "Find Certificates..." options reaffirms that the certificate is nowhere to be found.

2. If I run a test on the domain using it fails with "Certificate Trust Validation Failed" and the message "The certificate chain couldn't be built. You may be missing required intermediate certificates."

It would seem that the removal of the Go Daddy certificate from "Intermediate Certification Authorities" has broken something (would the original self-signed certificate rely on this somehow?) and that a possible fix would be to install a certification authority.....only I can't due to point 1 above.

So far, I've tried the following to no avail:

1. Fix network wizard
2. Reboot server
3. Use add trusted certificate wizard from SBS Console and re-key Go Daddy certificate

Sorry if this seems like silly question, but my mind is literally going round in circles and I can't decide on what the best course of action is to get mmc to accept my certificate and fix the certificate chain.

I've not seen any event logs (yet) that indicate a problem, but will provide any additional information necessary.

Many thanks.

Answer : I've broken the certificates in SBS 2008

Dear Trackpads

i went throw this exercise before several times

all you need to do is

1.Detach the Database
2.Copy the database to the new location
3.Attach it from the new location

you dont need to stop any service, only you need to stop any connection to the database or any application using it
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