Question : Visio 2007 installing problem

I am using Office 2007 w/out Visio.  I am attempting to install Visio 2007 and it is telling me that:

>>This program can not be installed because of the following errors:  Microsoft Office does not allow an upgrade from a previous version.  Uninstall any preliminary version of the 2007 MS system and its associated technologies. <<

I am attaching an image of the MS programs that I have currently installed.

NOTE: Using Windows Vista, service pack 1, 32 bit OS.


Visio issue
Visio issue

Answer : Visio 2007 installing problem

On rereading this thread this morning, I don't think the problem is a conflict between Visio and the Visio Viewer -- those two can coexist on the same system. I think the issue is a conflict between Office versions, given that you appear to have both Office 2007 and a beta of Office 2010. (Under some circumstances you can even have two versions of Office on the same system but the beta status of Office 2010 could be a problem here, given that the beta period has expired).

I would get rid of the Office 2010 beta, using this article if necessary, then try installing Visio again.
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