Question : Adding Configurations via ASDM

I am trying to enter some new configurations for my ASA Via ASDM, but I am not use to doing it this way, and am use to the Txt and saving the Config, but I would like to add the following to the ASA Via ASDM and I can't see to figure out where and how.

access-list outside_access_in  extended permit tcp any host  eq https

static (inside,outside)  tcp https https netmask

Could you give me detailed instructions on doing this? That would be very appreciated.

Answer : Adding Configurations via ASDM

The problem with ASDM is it's hard to explain how to do things like this, but I'll give it a shot.  

Click "Configuration" in top left
Select "Firewall" in bottom left
Select "Access Rules" in left pane
Locate the ACL "outside_access_in" in the main window.  Select that ACL
Click "Add" / "Add Access Rule"
Select the appropriate interface
Change destination to
Change the service to https, it should find tcp/https
Click OK
You should see the new entry in the main window

Next, select "NAT" in the left pane
Select the interface the NAT will be applied on
Select "Add" / "Add static NAT Rule"
Enter the source and destination addresses
Click the box to enable PAT
Select TCP
Enter HTTPS in both lines
Click OK

That should about do it.  One of the things you might do, though, if you're comfortable at the CLI, is enter the commands via CLI, then look in ASDM to see what the ASDM window looks like when it's pulled in the commands you entered.

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