Question : Change networks for server build

I have to build a new windows 2008 svr for a client which is the first in their environment and will be a domain controller.  I would prefer to build it at my current location because I can start a process and then go about my business while it chugs away on things and then click a button for the next process.  I can be a lot more productive this way instead of being on site watching a server install.  I could then go to the client and set it up and it's running.  I have a LAN that has the same IP scheme as the client and is totally separate from our internal network. The question is:

1) Can I put this thing on my secondary LAN to install it, start the domain, and then take it to it's permanent home and turn it on?

Answer : Change networks for server build

Hi Irri,

Yes you can build it there and take it on site afterwards, I use a router NATing off our main router to create a seperate network to build servers in the same way.  From what you have described you will not be changing the IP when you move the server to the clients office so all will be fine.  If you do end up changing the ip then do the following:

Install windows support tools from the CD

Open command prompt and type:

netdiag /fix

dcdiag /v
netdiag /v
repadmin /showrepl

Make sure DHCP is offering the correct DNS server (the DC)

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