Question : esx 4 passthrough

I went thru the steps, and have a result of: IOMMU  N/A N/A N/A

If I can be so bold as to follow up with this question:

by hitting the esxcfg-module -d IOMMU, did that disable the IOMMU?

if so, what is the enable command? esxcfg-module -? IOMMU

This is on a HP DL385 G5 (dual AMD 2300 quad cores) runinng ESX 4

So does this mean I can not use the PASSTHROUGH feature? or it just needs to be enabled?


Answer : esx 4 passthrough

PassThrough involves not only Virtualization to be configured, but IOMMU (VT-d). I have a DL380 G5 and it is not IOMMU (PassThrough) compatible, so yours probably isn't either. According to your server model spec sheet, I am not seeing VT-d in the processor specs:

You get told if PassThrough is capable on your host within the vSphere Client -> Config tab -> Adv Features.

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