Question : VBA macro script populating cells from data source

I want to set up a VBA script in excel that can read a data table that gets generated, and insert data into tables on separate sheets. Every month we get reports on inventory from many different sources. The data is broken down into multiple categories: year, model, etc, etc. I want to paste this data into an exel sheet, call it DATA and pull information from it. The information that is pulled will populate different sheets in the excel doc creating a report. I can utilize different excel functions in the cells to create averages, etc, etc. But getting the information into the cells and into the correct cells in the correct sheet is the question. What is the best way or best VBA code that I write to do something like this? I want to be pointed in the right direction.

Answer : VBA macro script populating cells from data source

Your query is too general for me to be precise in my answer. You can look at:
  • macro recording 
  • autofilter, worksheet functions 
  • microsoft query to get data from your csv 
Or you can give me addtl details for more precise input.

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