Question : ForeFront TMG Intermittent Internet Connection


I have a recently installed ForeFront TMG Firewall/Gateway which I installed on a clean Server 2008 R2 64 install. All is working well, except that we intermittently lose internet connection, for long periods of time, maybe 20-30 minutes. During this time websites seem to still be okay externally and the firewall can access web pages, just not the clients, as well I believe the other server cannot.

Can someone please give me any reason why this might be? or how I may go about ensuring proper setup to have reliable internet.

btw, the exact same settings worked on our old ISA server,

Answer : ForeFront TMG Intermittent Internet Connection

I see no problems in log, but connections are anonimous and allowed. Wee need to investigate problems with authorized access.
Additional questions:
1. What browser are you using (NTLM authorization can use IE, other browsers can have problems)
2. Is TMG client installed?
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