Question : IPTV programming dominating programming language

i want to hear from anyone who has been involved in IPTV programming i have the following questions from programming point of view
what is the most used programming language on the IPTV platform i am sure its a bit stupid question but if someone knows roughly it would be great help
in terms of interactive side what is the architecture of the IPTV client type is accessed via the device where does individual applications resides for example as a channel does it resides on my server or the IPTV platform provider
is it web based interface or traditional interface
does web service play a big role in this
so i guess i will follow up once someone respond to my question

Answer : IPTV programming dominating programming language

Are you thinking of the server or the client side? For the latter, it is safe to assume that it's C/C++ (Media Center SW on Windows as well as Linux clients are developed in that language). For performance reasons, this probaly applies to the server side as well. Yet opther languages such as Java are also used, take a look at e.g. the "Programming Languages" section of
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