Question : Developing an iPhone application -- requisites


I'm interested in playing around with developing iPhone/iPad applications.

I have both an iPhone and an iPad.

Sometime ago, I registered as an Apple Developer and today I purchased the $99 iPhone Developer Program.

I am in the process of purchasing a basic iMac, the $1199 version (though not finalized on that yet).

When I receive the iMac, I will be in a position to download the SDK and other tools from the apple site.

My question is this:

Is that all I need?
Are there any additional apps or expenditures I will need to make?

I am assuming that the iMac OS has all the tools/compilers and or that the SDK will have those??


Answer : Developing an iPhone application -- requisites

You use the same tools that Apple uses themselves, namely XCode.  All you have to do is to download additional SDKs for free from

This is all that you need in theory to start developing complete high quality applications.

There are of course a whole plethora of other programs that can also be helpful, such as Photoshop/Gimp etc, 3D software, if you are into making games and so on.

There are also libraries/frameworks that will help out, such as cocos2d if you are into making 2d games etc.  Some are free, and others will cost you money.

But you are right in your assumption that all you need is a mac and a developer account.  XCode and sdks can be downloaded from

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