Question : Outlook Calnendar Issue

Hi, I hv been encountering the following issue with my Outlook 2007SP2 calendar. I have recevied a
meeting request and subsequently accepted the meeting which is currently appearing in the calendar
Now, the chair person has changed the meeting time and sent the updated again which was
accepted by me. Now, both the meeting requests original as well as the changed one are appearing
on their scheduled time.  I could see my calendar is blocked on the both the occasions any updated
meetings (either a change of date or time)
I hv checked in OWA also which is same.

Appreciate your help. Tks

Answer : Outlook Calnendar Issue

There are a couple of issues that could cause this.  First ensure you have at least Exchange 2007 SP2 installed, there was also a security update in November that caused another issue.

Check  out optios 1 and 3 in my article here:
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