Question : Running two VMWare Windows Servers on Same Linux Box

I have an Ubuntu box running VMWare. Presently, I have a Windows Server 2008 as a guest. This is all behind a firewall which forwards port 80 to the guest. All is well.

Now I want to add a Windows Server 2003 as a simultaneous guest. That is, I wish to add a second virtual machine running a web server.

Can you suggest ways I can cause port 80 requests for domains x, y and z to go to virtual server 1 and requests for domains a, b and c to go to virtual server 2 while still maintaining only 1 firewall open port 80?

Answer : Running two VMWare Windows Servers on Same Linux Box

A few more quick notes and fixes to what I posted (I just tried it out myself on a local box):

ProxyRequests Off  #is the correct syntax with the space between Requests and off
ProxyPreserveHost On #I left off the On directive in the first post.
Order deny,allow  # there is no space after the comma between deny and allow deny,allow is correct.

You can find reference information for mod_proxy here:

bind and some other options out there would work as well. This is just the way I'd solve the problem.

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