Question : Report Filtered by form with added bonus

Currently I have a report that is opened in Print Preview.  A form also opens to allow the user to sort the report.  I have added a field so the user can enter a custom title and when the "Filter" button is selected the title is applied.  My issue is this, how can I also incorporate a dropdown with usernames and when the specific user is selected and the Filter button is selected the data for that user is entered onto the report.  So depending what user needs the report their name, phone and email are put on the report.  All I am getting is the ID from my table.

I have it set up like this

Answer : Report Filtered by form with added bonus

>>It is not because of autoextend is on,

I hate to disagree but the docs confirm it is...

2.25.1 Tablespace Space Used (%)

MaximumSize: maximum size (in MB) of the tablespace. The maximum size is determined by looping through the tablespace's data files, as well as additional free space on the disk that would be available for the tablespace should a data file autoextend.
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