Question : Exchange and iPhone

I am having an issue with Exchange/iphone that is giving me a major headache.  I have an exchange 2003 server running across windows 2003 enterprise.  I configured rpc-http.  Im in a single exchange server environment.

I turned on rpc-http on the server.  I purchased a cert from godaddy and installed it.

When I try to connect to the server from the phone, I get a server cannot be found error.  If I remove the server, I can send, but not receive.  I can do address lookups but have to type the name in, the contacts folder shows no names.

No mail is syncing, but as I said, I can send mail from the phone.

I need to figure out why I can send, but not receive, and why I can lookup contacts, but not see them when I go to contacts on the phone.

Any thoughts?


Mike Rodriques

Answer : Exchange and iPhone


a) Go here and test your exchange installation.

b) It might be a good idea to download Exchange 2003 BPA and check your exchange configuration

After installing BPA - run a health scan.
In reports - check radio button for informational items.

You can upload the reports here..

b) Check this article from alanhardisty. This has worked well for me.
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