Question : Dedupe a mysql output using php


I'm trying to figure out how to dedupe a query that I call using php that gives me duplicates. The reason being is because the ID from the main table has a one-to-many relationship with another table.

So when I

select main.column, other.column from main, other where main.ID=other.foreignkey;

I get this result:

fruit apple
fruit lemon
fruit grape
meat chicken
meat beef

I want to get rid of the duplicates in the first column. Well, not only the first because in reality I have a join where I'm using multiple tables and I don't want duplicates in those columns either.

So basically what I'm saying is I want to be able to print out 1 row per result for every column except the column from that one table.


fruit     juice     red         tree      apple
meat    sauce   brown   animal   chicken

This is what I'm using to ouput the query:

echo "<table>";

        while($row = mysql_fetch_row($query)) {
                echo "<tr'>";
                foreach ($row as $str) {
                        echo "<td>".$str."</td>";
                echo "</tr>";
        echo "</table>";

I tried, and failed to do it using mysql so I'm trying now with php.  Can anybody help me out with this please? Is it clear what I'm asking for?

Answer : Dedupe a mysql output using php

Really you should be using a join if you are using a key from one table to another, but to follow what you have now you could do something like the following:

select main.column as main, group_concat(other.column) as other from main, other where group by main.column;

which would return something like the following:

| main | other                           |
| fruit   | apple,pear,lemon        |  
| meat | cow,pig                       |

you could then use <?php explode(',' , $result[other]) ?> to turn it into an array for however you want to use it.

best of luck!
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