Question : Backing up, virtual machines - Best Method.

Hi Guys,

Was wondering if someone could give me some advise.
I have a ESXI server with two hosts, NAS, SAN etc
I use the Vspeher client to connect to the Vsphere Server, now i have several VM's and wanted to setup a reliable backup solution for all the VM's, ESXi etc

Any ideas on how i can set this up throgh the Vsphere Client?


Answer : Backing up, virtual machines - Best Method.

You can't automate b/u with *free* ESXi; you need the paid version to do so. The only way to b/u your VMs is to power them down, then copy them to a folder, either by using WinSCP, Veeam FastSCP (both are free tools), or by using the Datastore Browser window.

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