Question : Office 2010 - incorrect file associations - files not opening

I have a laptop I provided from Dell. Brand new latest e6410 with Office 2010.

All seemed fine and provided to client. However client reports he cannot open Word files from Outlook.
On invesitgating I see that Doc and Docx files and in fact any office files have not actually been assoicated with Office.

Yes I can fix them individivually by either going to file associations and manually doing this or by opening each file type and then choosing the relevenat applicatoin, but this is not a good way to make sure all is working for the client as I might miss somthing.

Have others had this issue. Is there a good way to fix is all?

Also note that even when I, by opening a docx file and then associating it with Word 2010 when it said it did not recognise the file, the icon looks different to how it should. See pic attached.

Word mage incorrect for Docx file

Note OS is Window 7 64 bit.

Answer : Office 2010 - incorrect file associations - files not opening

If you go to 'Programs and features' in control panel, and click on office 2010 and choose to repair the installation, it will fix all of the file associations for you. Make sure you are logged in as an admin to do this though.

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