Question : XSLT and RESTful Web Services

We have web clients written in Python that call RESTful Web Services (Alfresco’s ECM). This web service returns metadata in XML format. The problem is that the format that the metadata is returned is not exactly the format that is needed by the client. Is it possible to intercept the returned metadata and use XSLT to alter the output and keep it on the server side?

Answer : XSLT and RESTful Web Services

It seems that they are using standard webapps to serve documents, so one approach would be to create a servlet filter that would intercept the response before it goes back to the client, and then perform the XSLT needed. By looking at the URLs involved, you should be able to determine which servlet to filter (or, alternatively, you could filter based on the URL, if all the responses you want to transform conform to a particular URL pattern)
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