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How to delete files and folders having more than 5 days of age using Linux BASH ?
Will a P2 card for Panasonic cameras fit and download in an express 54 or 35 slot?
event  code runs twice
Create a 2 column table from sql based on qty...
Why do I have trouble using linq on XML with namespaces?
SBS 2008 falsely reporting no available disk space
how do i fix (the command cannot be performed because the dialog box is open
How do I change default downlaod location in XP
Win 2008 hdd requiremnts to load
windows 7 default folder
create vlans on GNS3 switch
Do I really need 3 form.php files plus 3 send_form.php files?
Access VBA query naming
Have Flex application read WordPress username
how can I refresh my datagridview without using a refresh button?
Windows 7 permissions to administrative share(s)
Installing Bacula Server on Windows XP
Adding Static Route to VLAN - HP2610
foreign key
Exporting Access Form query into MS Word
How to monitor if a Thread completed?
combo box issue - Lookup
How do I extract the distinct values from a listview column
Does Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 support intellisense?
cisco 1711 reset problem
I need a program that can copy files from any profile and ignore permissions.  Any ideas?  Robocopy, FastCopy, etc., will still error out.
VOIP Solution for Home Phone
Timing in objective-c for iphone - How do I wait until data returned from URL without freezing the User Interface?
Passing foxpro variable to Visual studio project
Set which browser opens and responds to "mailto:" links
Copying a macro from one document to another
Bottom border of web page in middle of page
SSIS Update OLE DB Command Parameter Syntax Error
div tags
checkbox and mysql
ColdFusion sort problem: in a sorted list of records, white and gray background colors do not consistently alternate
jquery datepicker sending current date if input empty
How do I convert Thick to Thin on ESXi?
Incorrect Syntax creating SGL alias column name
Laptop action keys not functioning on debian
Asterisk Dial Plans
How to clear a recordset
Object reference not set to an instance of an object (vs2010 web app with vb)
crystal reports unselectable 'Can Grow' option for textbox
MS CRM OnLoad error
Problems with Accordion functionality
Text to Column in Microsoft Excel 2007
Qry and a combo box & column(1)
basic forces again - object on a hill
How do I get my printer to print in colour
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